Who are we?

Your Place to Land is a family run business based in the Front Range of beautiful Colorado. Growing up, many camping, hiking, and backpacking trips instilled in us a deep appreciation for land and all things outdoors. Today we carry that appreciation forward by helping others to easily and affordably invest in land. We work hard providing services to connect those looking to sell land quickly with those looking to buy land at good prices. Our business is devoted to solving peoples’ problems by finding the highest and best use for land.

We strive to provide a marketplace and services that turn liabilities into assets by solving problems. We are never looking to maximize our profits at your expense. Our aim is for all parties to feel positive about the process and be satisfied with the outcome – if you feel like you won the lottery, that’s great and it means we won, too! Honesty and integrity are paramount in our business and our lives, so we will never fail to honor our promises to you.

Our time here on earth is limited and, ultimately, what we leave behind is what has meaning; compassion for others, the love we give, our family, and how we impact others’ lives.